Huawei Cyber Security White Paper

Huawei today released a White Paper on cyber security authored by the company’s Global Security Officer, John Suffolk. The document, entitled “Cyber Security Perspectives: 21st century technology and security – a difficult marriage,” outlines the impact cyber security is having on technology, the global supply chain, and society. The development of networks enables people from different regions to have more equal opportunities for development, allows different cultures to communicate on a common footing, and advances the progress of human civilization. While we enjoy the conveniences and benefits offered by networks, we also face cyber security challenges, which require governments and the technology industry to drive forward comprehensive and collaborative solutions.
The Huawei Cyber Security White Paper is available here.

New IGCC Working Paper on Cybercrime Released

“Investigating China’s Online Underground Economy” by Zhuge Jianwei, Gu Liang, and Duan Haixin (July 2012) explores how China’s online underground economy is structured, describing four distinct value chains for cybercrime and correlating activity in underground markets with four high-profile cybercrime cases. According to the authors, their analysis “suggests that monitoring underground markets can play a significant supporting role in cybercrime countermeasures.”
Download the full paper here.